Thursday, November 30, 2017

Kind of Copycat

While most people have not come across The Book of Life (2014), which is about Mexican's Day of the Dead traditions where it is a day to pay tributes to ancestors and family members who have passed on and it is believed that the dead visit their living relatives for a day, like an annual family gathering; however due to a bigger marketing reach, most people have come across Coco (Disney's 2017) and some fans of The Book of Life are calling Coco a copycat. 

The theme is similar but the storyline is a little different. So I suppose I will call it an expansion of the Mexican culture as well as broadened awareness of the different cultural practices of family traditions in paying tributes to our ancestral lineage.

Anyway, I could already guess the plot of Coco, including the twist (I didn't read it online beforehand but still I was able to predict the plot), but the movie was for the kids and they did enjoy it. Kiki says it was one of the saddest movies she has ever watched because she shed tears at four parts of the movie. LOL, so specific, why count?  (she could probably relate more because the main character is a boy and the theme is about teen's angst).

The Book of Life (2014)
I remember "The book of life, apology song" was quite touching. 
It says - "And if you can forgive, and if you can forgive, love will truly live"
you can find it on YouTube.

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