Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday.
I had a simple day and that was nice.

"Silence is the absence of noise"  
- Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II 

 I wanted to watch Coco (Disney Pixar)  but decided to wait for cheap-tickets-Tuesday and to bring the kids to watch it too (instead of enjoying it by myself).

heh heh heh, my sis got for me my daily staple.
the Mascaras I find good are by Lancome & Loreal.

 Kiki has Creative Writing  (English) class in school, plus Chinese Orchestra CCA (Lots of rehearsals for SYF 2018). Anyway, we were testing out her shoes, to be worn this coming Saturday's concert. As she tried them on, I saw that they were size 35. I thought it was kids' size but when I attempted to put them on, I realised it is adult's size!  Whoa.

Packing some stuff. decided not to do any spring cleaning until next week.
didn't feel like working on my BD.

Meanwhile, the Papa sent me a picture of his lunch.
Finally, he's eating more.
He has lost so much weight & muscles that many of my relatives pulled me aside to express their concerns. 

Finally found a TCM that could croak my back.
He says the left side of my lower back is swollen, like it had been swollen for a long, long time.
I know. the masseuses always tell me that. I need to take good care of myself. 

When I was at the library earlier in the morning, after borrowing some books for the kids, I browsed around other sections. Saw this book and thought that I shouldn't revisit these kinds of books because you know,, been there, done that. Placed the book back but paced back to retrieve it. What the heck, I still need it, I need to revise and revive myself.

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