Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Happenstance: Every day, someone is being born and someone dies.

As the policemen were at our place waiting for the doctor to arrive.
Bren asked my sis & I to bring the kids to somewhere else as he will be busy with the medics, police, doctor, and the casket service people.

We took a quick shower and left for the beach, to hangout at an eatery while the turns of events slowly sink into my head. We went to an eatery that has a toddler's playground, there was also a box of coloured chalks for the children to use.

Kiki drew a "tombstone" that read-- R.I.P, will always be loved, Grandpa. 

KiCo made friends with some pooches while my sis & i cooled down with some beer.
We stayed there until the things at home were more or less settled (for the night at least).

Somewhere at another table, a birthday song was bursting out loudly.
I thought to myself; Every day, someone is being born and someone dies.

 They also drew the "Northern Lights" 

Back home, Kiki made more Tombstones.... I asked her if it was due to Grandpa's departure or if it was still the Halloween theme. She said it was Halloween. (referring to this clay work).

T.O.U.C.H.Y has got stickers spelling its name. 

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