Monday, November 20, 2017


At night, it was playtime.
Kiki showed me the Logos she "designed".
She used an App that has shapes in various shades.
 First, she made a Dog.

 Then she asked me to guess what's this (above)
I couldn't guess correctly, hence she revealed that it is McDonald's
The Wifi logo is for the free Wifi at McDonald's.
The Bacon strip is for their Big BF, and the M is for their name.

She also made a Bird.

Another bust of a bird

Meanwhile, Colin was motivated enough to practise the piano on his own.
I asked him to teach me a few pieces, I had thoroughly enjoyed him teaching me!
Ode to Joy, When the Saints go Marching in, Lu La Lay, Mulberry Bush, Twinkle. etc.
Wow, were my fingers tired! The keys were so heavy.....
Our piano has many, many keys that are................ dead.
I wished we had a brand new piano, man!

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