Friday, November 3, 2017


went Taka to buy a present for Kiki's classmate who will be celebrating his BD this Sunday.
last year, we couldn't attend because it was on a Saturday and we had class.
this year, we accepted the invitation. 

 Rainbow Float =) 

 from the food kiosk at basement

 went Sephora to get my staple... that is none other than the concealer

 "sand" colour was the most suitable for the large surface of freckles that I was born with

this morning, i discovered that the orange juice vending machine charges $3 instead of $2 for the cup of OJ. waaaa....... i think they are off-target with their new price, they mustn't complain if they find themselves with reduced sales.

 finally found an old EZ link card with an outdated design so i could cut its chip

 slot the chip into a bag's tag

Voila! Hassle-free tap-and-go, Yay, made my own EZ accessory.

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