Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Rainy season, that's the reason, feeling chilly, also silly. 
Cos I tried to dash for a seat, 
but someone was faster by a beat.
Therefore I was  on my feet, an empty space I didn't meet. 
But it was all right, I took the chance,
to arch my back, do a slow dance. 
Ease the pain that's pinching my nerves. 
Oh how I crave for a croak on my back, 
some heavy-duty massage it deserves.     

 Get ready for this....... 10 million in population. 
What kind of made-ups?

 A make-shift mask to filter the pungent food smell. 

 I don't think a sound morality gives you peace or happiness. 

Even as you may uphold whatever morals you're upholding, you may become the only, "honest fool".
Then you may begin to wonder, if you're being too uptight, and you try to tell yourself to loosen up. Even morality becomes subjective, the grey-area things people do become common- sexual harassment, tax evasion, bullying, racism. In a space like this, a sound morality makes you standout, potentially as an outcast.

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