Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday Morning


This morning, on the way to work. 19th March 2018

 got to know a new hair dresser. she recommended me to get this MCT oil from the organic shop. 
said her sister from 63kg became 48kg in six months. 
skip carbo if at all possible. 
eat meat, vegs, fats are ok. 

 added one teaspoon onto coffee
please read up and research MCT on your own. 

Weekend & The End Of Average

 my belated Christmas present 

 At the teacher's place. Windy and peaceful. 

 Thank you, selfless teacher, for your guidance. 
She accepts no fees, she does it for free, for children with reading challenges. 
(but she has stopped accepting new students as she has decided to focus on her son)

 Sharing our dinner 

waiting for me while I shop
I have implemented a 2-week break for her on her iPhone (started yesterday)
She developed involuntary blinking syndrome.... firstly, it must have been the extended screen time in the past one week school holidays. secondly, my iPhone 5 has a tiny screen. she needs to use an iPad. 

I bought a new dress for work. 
I'm gonna buy more new dresses, minimally one new dress per month.

10 pm, still wanna cycle.
A Mama's life is ever-giving.

 The End of Average. Very good perspectives on what we think is Average, is actually unattainable.
Quit wanting to fit into the general notion of how life should be.
Recognize individualism!


Was at a BBQ last Friday. 
Met a fellow Mama & Papa, we started as strangers but we ended with much warmth. 
they were very warm and encouraging, sharing much information on their journey as parents of a SOTA girl. School or the Arts. IB programme & what-nots on IB diploma and IB career. Invited us to SOTA's open house next month. I thought that was a little too early, we are in P3. They say it is not too early to have an idea as the preparation work starts early. Oh how I wish we will get into School of the Arts, but I am afraid it might be of such high standards that we do not make the cut. Haven't even try and I'm already jittery -_-  Shall we just try? Competitive if we use Violin as our main instrument (because there are many boys and girls doing Violin). If we use Cello,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I've got to start her on classical cello class ley........ silly right? For Kiki, she prefers the violin although she doesn't mind cell (but she does not like piano). So I suppose we'll stick to violin (?)

Thursday, March 15, 2018


So glad Season 2 is now ON!
Got to wait for new episodes though, cannot binge watch one shot. 

Catching up

Met up with S last night.
Much had taken place since 2017, she had been retrenched with good benefits, transited to a new job with challenges she enjoys, moved to a brand new apartment, her elder daughter did very well for PSLE (253) two years back and has settled into secondary school, her younger girl takes ballet seriously (she says the coaching sessions before exam are very expensive), her hubby does most of the errands, she bought several big-ticket items and the whole family went LA & Australia for holiday, flew business class, she says it's the first time she's splurging on herself and I'm happy for her, get to buy her LVs & rolex and do things she had worked hard for.   

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tuesday transiting to Wednesday

Seeing all the IG posts on "Shortest Love Story", not sure why theirs are all lovely-dovey.
Mine are more pragmatic & realistic.

 Mom bought for me
Thanks, Mom.

 Kiki's erasers

 got to quit the afternoon coffee 

 was hungry 
cannot skip dinner no matter how fat 

 Adopt, don't buy. 

can't fall asleep, might as well get up. 

so little sleep. got to quit afternoon cuppa  

something like 6.50am

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Stay, I beg of you.

Please stay forever, online movies. I beg of you.

Wonder Wheel - starring Kate Winslet

The Florida Project

Is about a little girl & her mom, living in Florida, near the place 'where dreams come true'.

The mom, is a young, single mom, mid 20s thereabout.
She doesn't work, she doesn't like to work and would rather be on social welfare.
She is not a bad-hearted person, she minds her own business most of the time, until she gets challenged or unfairly criticized, she becomes brash, aggressive and vulgar  (which happens rather frequently).

It was summer holidays, the kids were on school break.
They have too much idling time in their hands, unfortunately the lead girl is the one who always comes up with mischief and eggs her friends on. She is an effective influence but in a bad way.  She only has 2 close friends, the boy being the son of her mom's best friend.

The kids will try to  earn some pocket money by hustling the tourists, mostly tourists who had booked the wrong motel when they had intended to book a hotel that is nearer to Disneyland.

Out of desperation (got to foot the rent of about $35 daily) the mom's sold her body as a temporary coping means while still putting up an optimistic front, thinking that no one will notice.

The motel manager, though stern in chasing for rent from the regular residents, tries to keep a lookout for his residents, especially the kids, despite them being a nuisance mostly. 

 Warning a paedophile suspect to get lost 

The mom makes end meet by selling fake perfumes, paddling her goods to tourists, being warned against it and risking being caught. 

Kids playing hide & seek all over the motel, manager tries to put up with kids being kids.

When your BFF doesn't want to be friends anymore, it hurts like hell. Especially when she doesn't want to tell you why she's breaking up with you.

The mom acted it out at the BFF's workplace. It was ugly and tensed.

(The truth was that the kids burnt down an empty house and the BFF lady didn't want her son to hangout with the little girl anymore. But because the stunt was too huge, the kids didn't admit to wrong doings, the mom didn't know since her BFF also didn't want to bring up her suspicion on the kids' misadventure. All she wants is to break off the friendship. So that's messy.)

Smashed the food from BFF's cafe, out of hurt and anger.

Manager's son told manager that he can't be helping out at his beck and call.
Asked manager to tell his boss to get an extra hand to help.

Rooms at motel not meant to be rented on long term basis. They have to check-out for a day every month end. 

But no other motel welcomes them because....... she can become very aggressive. Just look at her -_-

When all you have is your friend. 

 Happiness is a mirage, girls. Don't chase it!

The mom brought her girl and her girl's BFF to celebrate the BFF's birthday with a cupcake and watching fireworks from Disneyland, from the outskirts that is. 

 carefree playing in the rain

carefree singing & dancing while cleaning up their room

 Mom had to swallow her pride to go back to her ex-BFF to borrow money for rent.
Only to be turned down with sarcasm.

They went to eat for free at another hotel, by pretending to be guests there and giving room numbers of unsuspecting guests.

Eventually, the child protective services intervened. 

 Girl ran for a mile to find her BFF before being taken away.
To bid a tearful goodbye.

 Demure friend didn't quite get it.
Why are you crying?

I can't say it................ GOOOOOODBBBBYYEEEEEE..............

 Friend got very upset (inside)

 Took her hand and ran

 ran past all the merry places,

 merry stores oblivious to their world of welfare.

 ran past merry-making tourists.

 to the place they longed to go, to the place where everything merry comes alive, is just at their doorstep all the while. They've had enough, they had to get there before their chance runs out.