Friday, December 15, 2017

Yay, we can go cycling together

 someone's got the hang of it now. 

Midweek Thursday

Everyone had a pink sky on their IG last night  
(IG is the urban initials for Instagram if you don't already know ya)

Slowly slowly changing our sets of bed sheets, pillows ( I only like cotton ones ) etc. 
will you get a higher thread count eg: 880 thread count but has no designs or get a 480 thread count for its design? Well, for now I got Colin the Minions design ones while I got for myself the 880 thread count as I prefer plain ones as long as they are above 800 thread count. I had at least two sets of good bed sheet that were destroyed by my late FIL but that is a thing of the past and it is no big deal although when it happened, I was like -- oh, no.......... 

 Her fingers were long since she was born. 
When she was a day old, I've noticed that her fingers seemed very pronounced. 

 Making Clay Figurines for fun

Ice-cream with Coco powder, on soh-tar piah Biscuits
for my colleagues

Thursday, December 14, 2017

School's outing


Today's quote of the day: (from Hong Kong drama)


As long as your ideas are non-sneaky, solutions will be more than challenges.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Childcare with a heart

Colin's school is bringing the kids for a movie.
This is a first, and it is not some entertaining movies but a movie about the struggles of a (disfigured) boy facing school bullies. But I find that the movie was playing it safe. Firstly, the bullying in the movie was rather mild. I am sure IRL it was much worse. Secondly, the "disfigured" features of the character is IMHO, reflects 30% of how the IRL boy looks like. However, I do understand that if they were to drum up his disfigured features, the movie might not sell, and there might not be as much empathy derived from the public, which may then defeat the purpose of the movie. So, they've got to find a sweet-spot trying to get the message across as well as sell the movie so that its message gets a chance to be heard.

 Having your avocado ripen well is like winning the jackpot.

Coupled with ice cream and biscuits, surprisingly nice tasting. Breakfast this morning.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The place where Desires rot

The place where Desires rot, is--- Depression zone. 

Take care of your desires. 
Understand why you want them. 
Don't deny them, don't dismiss them.

Weekend 9 & 10 December 2017

After violin class, we went for dinner before going to Artfriend to buy some craft clay.
Clays could keep Kiki occupied for hours. Better than being on the iPad.
Her violin teacher asked which school Kiki attends. After we've informed her, she then asked how come Kiki speaks with a slang, an Ang Moh Slang. (meaning it's not picked up from her school).
Oh..... I realized-- It's from all the YouTube she's watching. Dan TDM, her idol, is from UK. Day and night she watches his channel.

 noting but oil -_-

 mine, from Artfriend.

 went for breakfast before heading to the recycling activity.
the hawker centre and market at my place will be closing for one and a half year... the building is to be demolished and rebuilt. so...... i'd better go eat all my favourite food before they're gone.
Doing recycling makes me feel like not wanting to buy stuff unnecessarily. So much waste and wastage. Some things are new and unused, also being thrown away.

 brought Colin to the beach.

 it was a nice, quiet time, playing with sand and basically doing nothing.

 When I showed Kiki this photo, she commented that it was low tide.
I said it wasn't that low a tide.
She commented that last week, the tide came all the way up and almost reached the tree where we were sitting under its shades.
Oh yes, that's correct!

Learning to cycle on 2 wheels, the bicycle shop recommended to remove one training wheel instead of removing both. They say to get used to cycling with one support would be more reassuring for the kid. Well, I am not too sure if it'll work but we'll try.

My sis sent me to Gramercy before heading to attend her friend's baby's one month old celebration party. 

At Gramercy, the Luthier was much more patient and understanding. He serviced the bridge and readjusted its position as he commented that it had shifted out of position. In fact, he understood exactly what our teacher says about trying to "get the sound out" from our violin. It's like the tones are dull and we know that the violin is capable of casting out more vibrant tones. Well, I had been quite an idiot or illiterate when it comes to this. I didn't know that we have to change the strings and service the violin preferable in every six months if the violin is being used frequently. Waaaa..... that means higher expenses to be expected. While I might not service it that frequently, I will from now, surely ask for the opinion of her teachers if they feel that servicing is due. 

Her teacher has recommended us her student to tutor us on violin. I am so very grateful for her recommendation. We have been doing this (Suzuki) on our own for far too long, I think her teacher is almost going to throw us out of the class...........  
Finally, she threw us a lifeline, a buoy.

In the name of Grace, if we are to have extra violin lessons and to go for a holiday next year, I would not only need to scale back every small expense, I will need to have another income stream. 

Dear Universe, send me another income stream please. Thank you.

$45 for this shoulder rest 
Luckily got sale.... 20% off. 

Meanwhile, Colin attends the baby's party with my sis =)

Washing, Cleaning, Packing

My sis damn super, she can sort and pack tonnes of toys without ending up with thigh muscle aches. My body must either be aging or lack of oxygen because my thighs were painful by the end of the day. We started cleaning and packing from 8am till 1pm on Saturday.

Next week, I will continue with packing of books and assessment papers, etc. After which I still have the cupboards to empty-out for sorting, discarding, washing and cleaning. It feels so good to regain the space and to re-organize. Still need to replace the curtains with new ones, time to visit Spotlight again.

While almost ALL of my relatives are at places that snow, I am cindering away.
While I have don't have a particular desire to go to cold places, my kids surely do. I guess for I need to warm up before throwing myself afar, so, let's plan for a road trip first. Time to gather my sis & cousins for a real holiday next year =)

Friday December 8th 2017

I don't have the flexibility to skip work for 2 hours just to catch an old friend for drinks but it's funny how friends will always try to ask you to do silly things for them or together.

wanted to go to a Jap eatery by myself, turned out it was a Sake Bar....... with good side dishes to boot. all the tables were reserved, I will need to find a soul to go with me another time.
so ended up eating salad with pulled pork, all by myself.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Be alert!

Be very careful with your emails, there are lots of phishing scams around.
Even the backdrop is the same as the real Apple's website.
The scammers sent me an email about an App, it says I had made an AppStore purchase for it at $29.90. It says that if I want to dispute the purchase, I could click the link they've given.
If you're using your mobile phone to read the email and access the link, it may look totally legit.
But if they ask for your credit card's cvc or cvv number (the unique number on the back of your card), you must by now smell a rat. If you don't............ then you might fall into their trap.
I've reported the case to the real Apple and they have noted and advised me to change the passwords to both my Apple as well email. 


Meanwhile, found a note from Kiki that read-- Please adopt both. (best friends)
hum...... so bitter-sweet. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Mid-week Wednesday

6th December 2017, Wednesday

The Papa brought her out to PP since he has spare time between his assignments.
At the cube store, she didn't ask for slime but bought a 'blind bag', good luck she's got a very cute looking toy giraffe.

 Look at those doe eyes

 The Papa also bought a barrel for the Guppies. 

 Morning dotted sky
7th Dec Thursday

 I also didn't know that the designs of the snowflake could been seen with naked eyes.

Long time no hear! LOL. 
An appropriately fat A-mei now I suppose. 

A little trouble with the raincloud

Eternal sunshine of my spotless mind.