Thursday, May 24, 2018

Midweek Wednesday in month of May 2018

Teacher Catherine told us she will be leaving the music school by the end of June, giving us one month's notice (in case we want to discontinue with the school). However, she encourages us to stay on (first). Because firstly, the new music school that she's setting up is located rather far from our place, secondly, she will be very busy attending to her new school. I am very glad she is pursuing her dream, she has told me that it is her dream to run her own music school. I am just sad that we will miss her and for us having a good teacher. We were just gaining momentum and doing well for our exams although we're just at grade 2 but we were just gaining momentum in improving, finally improving after some four years! 

I told Kiki it will be the 'last' exam she's having with Teacher Catherine, so she has to do her very best in honour of her teacher. *Sob!

I did wonder if we should stop the Trinity College syllabus and do the ABRSM instead, now that her teacher will be gone. But on second thought,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I want to be loyal to the supporting environment we've had so far, so I suppose we will wait for the school to assign us another teacher then. We'll see how it goes from here. I'm just a bit sad because I thought she could see us through our grades but I guess I have to see myself through my own life, there's no outsourcing to that. 

Almost like a tradition, we headed to Lady M after the exams.

 I will never run out of clothes at affordable prices now that I've gone thrifty.
Will you wear hand-me-downs?

 We visited my Uncle Meng at the hospital.
Fortunately, he has bought Insurance 3 years ago, that covered his medical bills exceeding half a million dollars. While we were at the hospital, my Aunts were there, my Mom was there, my 2 cousins were there. They were all surprised to see Kiki and myself because we didn't announce that we were visiting. We just took the chance to pop by (although I was literally very tired, I think I have a bone spur at the ball of my big toe, or it could be a bunion, I don't know but it is sharp and painful).

This morning, the sun was on fire and I took it all in.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Korean BBQ

Tuesday night, dinner with Makan Gang.

Today, I had a bloodshed pool at the toilet bowl.
I must give up anything remotely spicy......... for 6 months at least.
The piles are acting up and I need to stop triggering it.

Consolation Prize

So, my helper heeded our advice to save-up her money to either build a house or to have a business. She eventually built a small, provision stall near her Mom's house so that her parents could help her run the business back home in their province. She says business is doing well and I told her I'm happy for her. At least some good came out from her work here. The business has only just started but it is looking good.

Photo Apps

 Some super star Photo bombed frame 

 Plastic Looking Doll filter 

FNAF 2018

So, Kiki has been asking me to get her these "Five Nights at Freddy's" books. 
She did not ask for merchandise but I thought it would be nice to have something else on top of the books. The T-shirts don't ship to Singapore, many stuff can't be shipped here. We've also came across a toy shop that sells "blind bags", packages that contains a specific series of toys but you will not know exactly which character would you be getting, cos it comes sealed in an aluminum pack. You may end up just buying more and more in order to collect the series or to finally find the one you really want. Anyway, we are lucky to have picked two that contains the lead characters (and not the side-kicks, although eventually she may go back and buy more, which means will end up with some side-kicks too). 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Weekend Mom

 Money won't solve everything but surely it solves many things. 

 Still very busy even after the exams but have been catching up with old friends. 
Val, PW, this week - makan gang, and Friday- long time ex-colleagues from my first full-time job. 

 Sunday shopping 

We have coaching lessons from Teacher's student.

 Fruit cheese. 

My uncle was in the hospital for a month, 2 or 3 surgeries later, he didn't want visitors.
Fast forward one week later, my mom got anxious that we are the only people who hasn't visited.
How things take their twists and turns, it is all right, just don't make it a big deal.

MCT Oil + Coffee is just great. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Random May

Come on, bo$$.

Been such a long wait...... waiting for this $1,000 to pay tuition fees. That's like crazy, but yes, thanks.

HBD 2018

Happy Birthday to the man that drove me crazy, shattered my heart, brought out the worst in me and in himself. Without knowing the degree of my rage, I would not have been able to grow and to eventually land on the next level. Thanks but no thanks, dear but oh dear. LOL.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Beaten to a Pulp

Last night I met up with PW. She asked how I've been since we've not met up for over a year now. 
I replied that for quite a long time, I've been zombified, I couldn't care less about most things. I added that I think Life had beaten me to a pulp, I feel like a slump, a slob of pulp, and that I could not even bother to pick myself up because it just keeps getting at me and not an ounce is left in me to resist. It was not a good place but I had been there. 

I think that part of life have passed and I am feeling better but I do think that my psyche make-up have changed and that I no longer have default optimism in many things, I do not like to be pragmatic but now I think it is the way to operate. It sucks to admit resignation but ya, I have been defeated greatly. Luckily, my kids do make me laugh inside some of the times, so I suppose it's not too bad. 

I don't think it's really that bad to have a "resigned" mindset like how I feel right now. 
Surely I can't command Life, nor does it respond to my liking. So I guess all I have is nothing but myself and the inner voice in me, which is fine. Better real than never. 

 Disclaimer:  Paint App. Not real.

12th Anniversary

Johnny Chia, 21st April 1949 - 17th May 2006

Colin looks so much like me when I was his age. 
Amazing how DNA runs. 

My dearest Papa, how are you?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Happy Mother's Day, Mom. 
How could the lives of two beautiful persons be entwined in so much heartache.
Does the gravity of our desires bring about much pain to ourselves?
When will we be free of desires, can we say that we will be free when we've reached the next level?
I can only answer that when I've reached the next level. 
Alas, it might not happen after all.  

Workweek Tuesday

Catching up with work after being away for only one day.

Fancy seeing my Uncle on the newspaper. He's among the "younger" uncles but now he's getting old. Who am I kidding, I have also gotten old, haven't I? Doesn't appear that I will be able to reach anywhere near the comfort level that I had dreamed of. Alas.

Monday, May 14, 2018



Happy Mother's Day
We didn't plan for any meals nor outing, it was a normal day, we had dinner after class, just this time, Kiki paid for dinner =)   it was impromptu, she borrowed $20 from me and paid me back when we got home. she even tipped the service staff. (I didn't suggest, she did it on her own).


 Rainbow Flare


 These, I bought for myself. 

 Swensen's BF 

 We like going to the library to bag home books; we could lay in bed for hours browsing & reading. 

 Packing up the Money Plant, giving them a new home as our estate will undergo re-painting. 
Blue theme won the majority vote........ -_-

KiCo & I started a Word Bank, last night was our first session, reading a Chinese book and entering a few good phrases into our Word Bank. Followed up some English words. We had a nice time playing "recall" words and meanings of the words.