Friday, June 23, 2017


This guy is a Predator.

He alighted from the upper deck of the bus with me.
First, his arm brushed against mine.
I thought it was an accident and didn't react. But I wondered why did he have to stand so close by.
I moved closed to the exit (door way), as he moved next to me, he TAPPED ON MY THIGH WITH TWO HARD TAPS. like tap-tap.  I flashed him a hard look (but I was shocked and didn't know how to react). He pretended nothing happened and looked straight at the closed doors.
I was afraid he will follow me. So I slowed down my pace.
As he turned left, I got angry and took a picture of him. But It was just his back view.
If I were to confront him, it would likely be ineffective because he would just fake innocence and say oh sorry it must have been an accident or something like that kind of coward respond. 

I wondered if I wore inappropriately.
I had a cardigan on and I always button up.
It has nothing to do with my clothes nor my shape nor whatever crap the people make us to feel that it was our faults.
Those men are crazy shit.

Bye, Phuket.

 loud music 


 Thanks for having us. 

When I had gone to the washroom for 5 mins,  
Colin's Yiyi asked him to pose like this..... 

 Mango flavoured Pocky are not available in Singapore yet. 

 Some face serum for Maricar and her friend. 

Also the lime flavoured Schweppes are not available in Singapore. 
S$0.65 per can.

P for Parasailing: Day 3

Day 3: June 20th, 2017 Tuesday
 After one night of contemplation, I'd decided to let her go parasailing. 

Firstly, I do agree with my cousins that it is quite stable and safety measures all taken. 
But still it was very unnerving for me. 

Secondly, Kiki really wanted it. 

Thirdly, I don't think I would ever go on another parasailing ride, hence I must take the opportunity that my sis is present to do what I couldn't do, that's to accompany Kiki to parasail. 
So that was how I've taken the plunge and summoned my courage to give them the Green Lights. 

Baht 2,800 (S$116) for two persons. Baht 1,600 (S$67) for one person.
When I did mine in 1995, it was only S$30.


I was so unnerved that I had recorded the video in slow motion mode!!!
Am I nuts or what. So now I'm left with the beginning and the end of the flight.
All other three videos I've taken for my cousins & sis were perfect shots.

 This view is taken from my sis' camera, she wore it on a strap around her neck.
Great view.

Great adventure

Thursday, June 22, 2017

P for Patong: Day 2

 Day 2: June 19th, 2017
it was beach in the morning, 
till lunch time at McDonald's, 
kids took a nap, 
evening walk, 
night massage.

 Slimy, Hiddy & Speedy-- the three sea snails. 

 Janice, one who eats mostly vegs, fruits, and some seafood. 

 Sherlin, my children's Yiyi. 

 Colin, my naughty boy. Always antagonizing his sister.

 Rachael, my steady girl who takes all my steely nonsense. 

 So, as I was saying-- my sis, my cousin Janice, and my cousin WY & her daughter Lala-- all went parasailing. Lala is 4.5 year-old! 

 My sis, enjoying the flight & sight. 

Lala & her Mama. 
The whole time I had in my heart, recited my Buddhist chants while taking videos for all of them.
They are all so brave while I am all so crazily nervous. 

So anyway, Kiki was very disappointed that I had brushed her off, since now she learns that kids are allowed up there. Her cousin- Lala, is so young and small size, and she gets to go. 
Kiki didn't nag, beg, or created a scene.  She just silently shed some tears and quietly played with the sand.Colin also just asked - Mama, can I? Can I?

Aloe Vera for my face. I loved that it works wonders. Healed the red dots on my nose. 
Baht 100 for one piece. 
The beach vendor quoted Baht 200 but as I didn't respond, she dropped price.
 (these are one piece cut into halves)

Bangla Walking Street

P for Phuket: Day 1

Day 1: June 18th, 2017 Sunday

 we took a minivan from the airport (1200 baht) S$50 per trip.

 the living hall of the apartment we've rented (via Abnb) about S$700 for four days three nights.
name of accommodation: Patong Tower 

(I left a bottle of coke in the freezer overnight, and it exploded. 
Luckily no damage except I've got to do some cleaning).

 three bed rooms and one other make-shift room in the hall. 
total four king size beds. 

 we are 5 mins walk to Patong Beach. good location. 
the only thing is that there's no sleeping in Phuket! 
It was noisy because the people party all night long until 3am (Singapore time). 

 our first night dinner. 
Tom Yam Soup. 
(I really can't take these types of food anymore.... made me bleed from behind)

 Colin was confused what he saw Chang brand mineral bottled water at the supermart.
The breweries have began selling drinking water but with the same designed labels. 
No product differentiation with the logo, no wonder Colin was puzzled. 

 we took the chance to drink freshly squeezed apple juice, lime juice, coconut juice, since it was cheap there. S$2.50 as compared to here probably $7/$8++ at a restaurant. 

 first evening there, so we went to recce the beach and my cousins checked out the prices for Parasailing. Kiki asked for parasailing too, but I've told her children are not allowed to take the ride.

our first evening at Patong Beach

Lee vs Lee

Last Friday, I overshot my train station by several stops. I went all the way to Lakeside! Took the train back to Chinese Gardens all the way back to Clementi.... I was too engrossed reading from the newspaper about the fight between our Prime Minister and his siblings over the decision to preserve that 38 Oxley Road house or to demolish it. It is sad to learn that the best of us are not immune to family squabbles and the more elite they are, the uglier it gets when the pull in all the legal stops.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Spin Off

I have not watched The Good Wife, but I've watched its spin off- The Good Fight and I simply love legal dramas. I like their spirit.
Hopefully, more seasons of The Good Fight will come.
Meanwhile, I can go catch up with The Good Wife.