Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Goofing with filters

 Daiso $2 hair beads


Colin and his Lego

 bear head coin purse $2 Daiso for my EZ link card 

 12 pencils for $2? wow, that's good price. hope they're 2B though. 

Anyway, I bought the golden ones, 2 pencils for $2
they are HB but well.. 

Monday, August 21, 2017


You have to give it to the Japanese, they are so thoughtful and inclusive.
Even their household products (hand soap) has Braille on their labels. Can you see the dots?


 He came home telling me he's soooooo happy!
BD present in advance from his Yiyi & Uncle Ken. 


 My aunt asked her to choose a present, 
she chose a Bluetooth Speaker in a cute Pug design 

(I would have chosen the Unicorn design but its her present)

Friday, August 18, 2017


my take-away quote from this movie:  
"Going downhill is an uphill task"

Please. May I be cleared of my Karmic Debt. 
The sick, the bedridden, and the sick.

At the Rehab, she's better cared for. She's happier there too. 


goofing with filters

Thursday, August 17, 2017


At the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce  & Industry SME Conference. Among its topics: The one belt, one road. How to ensure we're still needed. Speakers talking about how to embrace disruptive technologies & industries. Featuring home-grown brands, Poh Kim (being the Asean's Netflix perhaps) Singpost (from parcel post to offering financial services), BH Global (from hardware shop to cyber security) etc. etc.

Attended two events yesterday, am sooooooooo tired now!  (Aging)
So much to take in, but so fulfilling. (stimulating)

 At A*Star's "Media Exploit" conference.
AI & bots.

 Vivien not only predicts and answers your questions, she could learn you (behavioral)  and sell (stuff) to you. The AI sales rep.

This Dr. dissected thousands of mice & chickens over five years while writing her thesis. She showed us the hair cell moving in beat when the subject hears a rock & roll pop song. Her pet cause is to rehab and healthcare for the brain neurons. Telepathy is no longer sci-fi. At the booth, participants get to use a headgear (band) to play virtual games using the BRAIN POWER (concentration/intention/focus).

Panel speakers taking questions from the floor. I like this bunch of people. They are mainly scientists, investors, Fintech people, VC, and the rest of us are vendors / inventors. They may disagree with each other but they are cool about their differences. Talked about real cases of stolen ideas, stolen products despite IP filed, despite NDA signed. The advise is--- move on and act fast. Run away from people who asks too much questions but are non-committed. Do not let investors or scientists put you down. If you have an idea that keeps you awake night after night, pursue it. Do not let bureaucracy put you off. Do not pursue perfection. Settle for 60% and improve from there. Come up with improved versions 2, 3,4. Get your money back, get your investors' money back. The pursuit of perfection may stifle you. For those who refuse to innovate or invest, don't spend too much energy trying to convince them. Just find your fit. Find committed partners. Basically, just put yourself out there. Do it. Innovate. Create. 


Yay..... received both the piano certificate and the violin certificate.
Till the next exam, now it's back to regular lessons.
Oh,,, year end charity concert coming up. rehearsals.
Her school's dunno what CO performance at the Singapore Youth Festival 2018, so many rehearsals till December........ twice a week now that she has been promoted to CO "senior", she's feeling a sense of duty to be a "role model" for the juniors. (duties as described on the "promotion" letter).


Lor Mee

Hopefully we have the chance to improve our Chinese grades.... 26.5 upon 50 is just passed......

Fitbit & iPhone 4

 My Fitbit Flex2 arrived.

My phone, Kiki's and the Papa's phone. iPhone 6, 5, 4.
Bren's iPhone 4 had finally died, after 10 years of functioning. 
Its exterior is still in mint condition, smooth as new. 

3D Puzzle

Came without instructions, Colin is unable to assemble it. Neither could I. 

Hence, we tasked it to the Papa. 

Monday, August 14, 2017


On way to work this morning, the 14th day in August, 2017.


Sundays with Colin

 After the Recycling session and the Piano service session, Colin asked if I am bringing him out.
Oh! I said. Sure! Do you want to have lunch before we go out? I asked. No. He said. He wants to eat out. Okay then, let's go!

 Ramen, ramen. We were both hungry. 

Giant-size tennis ball.

 Shopping shopping.
 Ice cream, ice cream. Mint Choco.

 On Sale, on sale. $7.90 per T-shirt. 
One for Kiki, one for Didi Colin. 

 On sale, on sale! Paid 5 cents for a pair of Keds after using the SAFRA vouchers. 

 unknowingly liking sequins loafers. i have two pairs now. 

 Colin took out my kaleidoscope from the drawers. 
This kaleidoscope I have is since year 2000, I bought it from Kinokuniya. 
While Kiki had her swim class, I tried to take some videos to show you how beautiful the images are. But it was very hard to capture the brilliance. 
Nevertheless, I try.