Thursday, October 19, 2017

Happy BD, Ma.

 Happy BD, Ma. Thank you for being contented.



she gets a small toy for each full marks Ting Xie

Monday, October 16, 2017


I don't know how the sensor reads "restless" sleep but I was exceptionally restless the past few days.
Cough and flu. Luckily, I'm recovering.
Kiki is also recovering.
Colin has just fallen sick yesterday........ Sorry babies, I should have stayed away from you.

Slept for only 2.5 hours!

One life's saved by consumer technology.

Sundays with Colin


 Toast with Mango, Caramel & Ice Cream


Be brave!

Saturday morning, Colin is at Phonics class.
I took a Mobike, crossed over to the East Coast Park and cycled for 22 mins.
50cents per 30 mins but they were having a promotion so I used the bike for free.

 Mobikes are the least abused bikes. I see the poor Ofo & Obikes were often vandalized (missing seats, or seats slashed and cut opened).

 Selfie while on the bus.
Good right?

 is having to deal with the Chinese Language

However, I'll tell you-- please don't let anyone else's problems be your hindrance. You may come across friends and colleagues telling you all sorts of marital woes, children woes, money woes, stressful education, etc, etc. but you must always be the active person in your own life. Some people listen too much until they don't want to have kids or they don't want to get married. I think that will be a terrible shame. You see, "bad experience" or negative stories tend to have a bigger impact in our consciousness, so it's like bad stuff anchored in our brains. The people who have got endless bad stories may also have feel-good stories but they may not broadcast them as much or as often. So don't unwittingly become the collateral damage of other people's "bad experiences". Be brave! Have faith!

After revision, I still can have time to myself.  


We're always happy to go to the library to select a new batch of books.
I am also happy to collect books that I've reserved.
"The Glass Castle" is a memoir by a former journalist-- Jeannette Walls.
A tad too close to the heart but it is a good read. She has what I would call a highly functioning dysfunctional family. The children were home schooled, the wealth of knowledge they possess is rich and admirable. The fine line between child-neglect and good parenting is so thin..... even the children struggle with its effects as grown adults.

 we took the Mobike and cycled 30 mins to the Lagoon to have our dinner.
first time using the Mobike, I find that the bikes are okay except that I tend to over-steer, hence I took a while to get the hang of it. I had leg-cramp on my left calf at 5am and I had to jump from the bed to flatted my toes. Ouch...... probably didn't drink enough water.

Friday, October 13, 2017

That's what friends are for

Last night, Kiki told me her friend- Emma, ate 8 of the cherry tomatoes she brought.
I exclaimed-- 8?! but you only had 10?
She said Emma asked for 1 but found them very tasty.
Anyway, Kiki didn't mind, I also don't mind lah. It's nice to share your stuff.
Children are children. There was once, Kiki told me one of her friends doesn't like the fruits her dad packed and she asked Kiki to help her consume them.   That's what friends are for! LOL.

Okay. My office, right now, is in Tornado. There is so much infighting due to new projects in the pipeline, there is so much fighting, it is driving me mad. The ugliness of the people is so scary. Gosh.......... may these people have peace in their hearts before they die. 

My boss asked me to counsel a fellow colleague because he says that this colleague "quite respect" me. In my head, I was like-- Wah Lau eh. Please don't ask me fight your battles. 

I mean, I have been very clear that I am fueled by work interest and work duties, and I have been clear that I am apolitical. That kind of "chicken-and-egg" work problems had been around since the dawn of time, if my boss as an MD could not have impact, why is he suggesting I use my capacity to impact change?

If I do that, that would be disrespecting that colleague's work position. Because after all, the limitations of the circumstances is due to no budget ($$$). The problem will be there as long as no leeway is given to buy spares. It goes round and round, Boss wants work done fast but spares are needed and spares are not sitting around waiting to be employed. If that is what it takes, then it takes $$ to be invested, to buy ahead. My boss should be talking to the Management but since it is a dead end with the Management, then my boss must deal with the heat (just like I handle the heat from my customers). He can't be asking me to influence my colleague (which I have requested on a work basis but he has explained to me his limitations).

I also dislike men who ask me to "talk" to their wives. It is like they want me to talk some "senses" to their spouse because of course there had been an argument or disagreement. But hey, please lah, by asking someone else to talk to your wife, you have belittled your wife (and makes me dislike you). IMHO.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Today's Sky

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Midweek Wednesday

Blessing #6: Heading in the right direction.
Towards Compassion, Wisdom, and Spirituality.

Got to start revising for the exams.... some topics that were taught earlier in the year became unfamiliar to her. As time is the essence, we dived straight into the back of the workbook and revised from the "Answers" section by covering up the answers prior to working on the sums. Also, for every unit, we would just do questions number 3 & 4, just tackle the tougher ones. Even with this short-cut revision method, it is quite time-consuming, but it's better to do it while we can.

 Book title: Snowflakes 

I met a colleague on the bus, OTW to work. I seldom bump into her because she normally takes the company bus but that day, she happened to be earlier than usual so she took the public bus and that was how I bumped into her as she took the seat next to me. I asked how was her son's PSLE etc etc, all went well she said. (Oh ya, in the weeks leading to PSLE, she took half a day off daily and had her salary cut due to insufficient annual leave. Anyway, everyone deals with PSLE differently, so no judgement being passed. Who knows next time I might follow suit). So I was asking her how to manage the Chinese subject. She suggested to encourage the kid to read one short paragraph a day. She says just by reading one paragraph a day will increase the child's vocab and that will help with both the oral and writing ability. Well, I totally think that makes sense. I only wonder how sustainable. It's like every single day, we have so many "to-do" or "must-do" tasks. Violin, piano, homework, spelling, Ting Xie, and now this Mandarin Reading. Anyway, still it is better to do it bite-size than leaving it till it becomes overwhelming.... We will work it into our lives. 

 Colin's working on his reward (nano blocks)
I absolutely don't have the patience for building structures.
Good thing KiCo are more patient than me in this aspect. 

 This morning OTW to work

 My mom is always giving me "Super foods", latest being the Moringa Seeds. 
They taste like Ginseng but sweeter. However, the aftertaste lingers for longer than desired. 
Wonder if I would finish the packet....... shall try. (sounds so feeble)

Again, from my mom. 
This should be easy to drink. Some honey calamansi concentrates.