Monday, November 20, 2017

Kaiwai Charity Concert: 19th November 2017

 we left our clothes & boots unattended while she went for rehearsal and I, breakfast.

 Found a really nice cafe (The Providore) with relaxing lounge music and a backdrop of green, leafy vine plants. I had muesli yogurt & berries.

 After an hour odd, I went back to the auditorium to fetch Kiki for her lunch break.
She had a ham sandwich, she was very hungry, she said.
We had to walk across the road to the building opposite because there was no eatery at the Chinese Culture Centre. 

 Mom, Sis & Colin came to support. 

 The ensemble. 

 My babies 

 Fund Raising Event

Colin commented that this Rainbow has six colours instead of seven. 

He's always surprising me with his observations. 

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