Tuesday, November 7, 2017

November 5th, 2017, Sunday

Saturday was a busy day. After Colin's Kindergarten Graduation, we rested a while before heading to our weekly Violin class. After that my sis sent us to another rehearsal.

November will be a busy month for us. Rescheduled her swimming lessons so as to accommodate the upcoming concerts (attending one, performing in two). Her swim coach will finish up with the rest of the swimming techniques that he wants to refine her and then she will complete level 2 swimming. Next year, it will be Colin's turn to start swim class. Yay!

 As I brought Kiki to attend her classmate's BD party, my sis brought Colin out for the "Sundays with Colin" series. 兵分两路, delegation of childcare.

Nice people, the host as well as the few parents I've met at the party.

The host asked me to bring Kiki to play Cricket... they are recruiting Singaporean kids to train for our national cricket team. I was like........ hum..... I think her hand-eye-coordination is not fantastic. But the host assured that training and lots of positive reinforcement will be given. He kept telling me that they are recruiting for the olympics, trying to entice me, he emphasized the word- "Olympics" many times. LOL. He kept telling me-- guaranteed to be in the national team.  Well, as much as I may like the idea, I don't think we could carve out the time. He says to treat it as a form of physical exercise (P.E), but I think we really don't have spare time (not even for "Olympics"). The conversation ended with the host suggesting that we go tryout during the school holidays.

Next year, we will be finishing Swim lessons to free up Sunday for her (but I will still be employed for Colin's Swim lessons, so that's not freeing up my time). Also, FINGERS CROSSED, hopefully she will pass her grade 5 piano next September (!!! so far away you'd say, but not so far away for us because she is currently playing the piano so BADLY) Hopefully, she passes it then we will take a hiatus from our "brain gym" activity, aka- piano lessons. Her piano teacher does not have much expectations of her (I suppose). She told Kiki that the least she must complete is grade 5. The teacher's ideology is that it will provide some form of background skills should the student plan to continue after an extended break. 

After the BD party, we were travelling on the bus to her Sunday Swimming lesson when Bren informed me that his dad had just passed away........

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