Monday, December 4, 2017

Keep your day job

Kiki sent me a photo of her "tattoo", she added that she thinks she wants to be a tattoo designer when she grows up. I cringed a little at the photo but I managed to ask what she had used to draw the "tattoo". She didn't answer but she assured that the ink is easily washable. I didn't want to encourage this tentative interest, neither did I want to judge or give it a bad comment. So I just said that she could design temporary tattoo (stickers) instead.

 Next morning, when I sent Colin to Phonics class, I saw that he has a "mew" design.... He says it's called - Mew, mew, mew. 

While walking to Colin's Phonics teacher's home for our weekly class, we will always walk past the huge canal that is next to St. Patrick's School, I took the time to share with him the Papa's story-- the Papa used to tell me that he and his friends would always jump into the canal for a swim as and when the tide came in, it was such fun; he recounted.

While I might imagine the carefree days of the past, I cannot imagine (nor encourage) teens to be doing that now.

Over-think extinguishes spontaneity.

I bought a bunch of tattoo stickers, this week, mine is a bunch of balloons.
(the other icons are not stickers, they're virtual emoji from the mobile phone)

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