Monday, November 20, 2017

Orientation Day 17th November 2017

Colin was happy and excited to visit his new school.
Big boy now, I've told him.

This little girl wanted to take a photograph together. She kept leaning towards Colin when I was snapping away. Children are so cute.

After Colin's school orientation, I brought Kiki to Vivo to get her a pair of white shoes, although not entirely white, it was the closest thing we could find to match her white dress. (Luckily, her teacher says it was not necessary to have the shoes in all white, if not, that little girl was so anxious that she doesn't have a pair of formal shoes).

After shopping, she went for a rehearsal. After which, I was feeling faint because I had breakfast but not lunch and it was already almost 7pm.   So I just quickly go eat some Pasta before I faint on the streets. Kiki shared with me the Pasta Bolognese (Chicken) and we were both commenting on the sour tasting Parmesan cheese (grated, powdery).

About 2.5 hours later, Kiki's eyelids were showing hives / bumps and a red band was forming around her eyes and face. I was very worried, food allergy is no joke!  We quickly rushed to the clinic that was nearby, luckily we have a 24-hour clinic nearby. I suspect it was the cheese, I think this grade was "too pure" as compared to processed cheese or other lower grade cheese which we have consumed before. Doctor says we must introduce new food to children in SMALL PORTIONS but it was just a small amount she ate!

When we got home, we quickly took the medicine and went to bed. 
Luckily, the rashes cleared up. 

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