Monday, November 20, 2017

Saturday 18th Nov 2017

So, this is the final practice before our concert next Saturday.

 Food Court Ebi Tempura Udon. 

 My Laksa & I 
(Nemesis- I really, really cannot take spicy food anymore. Bled.)

 Still, among the better quality ice cream. 

 We wrote on their wall, as encourage. 

This is me talking about our tiresome journey to the violin place, it was scorching hot, the roads and bus stops at my place is in a MESS due to the MRT construction. Got to bear with it for another 5 to 6 years. Our blouses were soaked with perspiration and when we were in the air-con mall, I got cold. Despite this "painful journey", we will soon forget about it because at the end of the day, the real journey is the musical one.

Kiki wrote this on the wall.
Goodness, I thought it sounds like a Japanese Haiku.

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