Monday, November 20, 2017

Thursday 16th November 2017

I took the MRT from HawPar Villa Station, was making a transit at Harbour Front Station to Dhoby Ghaut Station but got a shock at Harbour Front.... there were no train, the platform was over-crowded yet the escalator was still conveying people down. I made a about turn and got out from the station as it was overwhelming for me. This was a Thursday weeknight and it was already so crowded. Or maybe it was a weeknight hence it was more crowded (?)

I was hunting for white shoes for Kiki. (performance)
Her feet too big for kids size, a little shy of adult size.
Some in-between size right now.

Shortlisted two designs (shoes). Couldn't find plain white mary janes, those are not in fashion and don't come in teen sizes. Anyway, had dinner at Long John Silver's, the chicken was BAD. too soft and I think........ I must stop eating fast food.......................................... I mean stop the frequency.

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