Monday, January 22, 2018


Still doing our warming-ups at our secret stairwell before heading to class. 

We had an astonishing episode at this stairwell (not in a good way). One time-- we walked into a VERY young, teenager couple (like 14?) making out on the floor, right at the corner, just behind the door........ they were dressed but were sprawled on the floor, the boy looked up at me and time turned into ice. My body trembled as I was shocked, the girl quickly sat up. Kiki popped behind me, wondering why I stopped dead in my tracks while I pushed her back. I had a phobia opening those doors for the few weeks after that encounter but I've since gotten over it. I think those two kids might develop a more complex phobia than me. Anyway, between the phobia of walking into people and doing our warm-ups, obviously we still need to have that space to do our warm-ups prior to class. So, out went my phobia after 3 months. 

Sharing one portion 

for me only 
I can't do without coke 

Waiting for our bicycle 

Always know that you'll be offended
Always choose not to be offended
(Get it?)

People tell me stupid things all the time.

Like one person commented -- "You must really love your husband so much"
I asked -- "What do you mean?"
Person -- "He doesn't bring in much (money) and you're still sticking out with him"
Me -- "Well, it is either that or I let my kids grow up without a father, and I don't want that"

But that's is a crap answer. I mean, my answer is crap!
Every married couple HAS PROBLEMS. If they don't have problems, that's a problem!
Problems don't last forever. Happiness don't last forever. Nothing lasts forever.

Another example--

"I thought you'll have to skip celebrating CNY for three years?" (referring to the passing of my FIL)

I was like-- ARE YOU IN STONE AGE?
Is the passing of a family member a disease? A plague?
Can you stop being stupid while I'm still being nice?

LOL, I totally have a problem with suppressed anger.

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