Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Farewell and unplanned gathering

 Farewell for Miki

 Another colleague saw us walking to the coffeeshop earlier. 
He called me on the phone to ask my small gang to join his small gang. 
Persuaded us for over 10 mins, so I said ok. 
Laughed and joked until past ten. 
They drank in total, 3 crates of beer (large bottles).

 When I got home, I saw the book where I'm supposed to sign.
Kiki leaves her book for me to sign.
So glad to see that she is doing very well for the Science subject.
Hopefully, she keeps up with being excellent, forever.
As for the Chinese subject, I feel like telling her to give it up. (I am the one who feels like giving up)
There is no joy in learning; I will have to find another way to learn that subject.
I don't remember hating Chinese when I was in school. I only hated Math.
Nevertheless, we don't want to be hating anything. You will not do well in things you hate.
We want to love learning, because we really do love to learn, don't we all?

tutor fees wrapped with craft paper from Tokyo 

 Kiki has a new violin tutor. The girl and her mom are such a great tag-team, they have their school and music commitment schedules so full, yet they still have the heart to make time to coach us. She helps us with the Suzuki technique and our Teacher is not letting up, our Teacher is going at top speed and we are barely catching up. I guess now that our Teacher had recommended us a tutor, she is expecting us to pick up speed. She doesn't lets up, not a chance. I am not complaining, we are used to the driving force and we are grateful for a demanding teacher and we are thankful for a committed tutor. All we have to do is to keep improving. Hopefully we will be able to have a breakthrough. The new song is just, so, hard! Kiki says her classmates have lightning speed fingers and she's feeling the heat. Well, enjoy the challenge and work until we make it. 

Really wasn't able to sleep after the Mokata BBQ and beers. 
Only managed to sleep for an hour and then it was time to go to work. 

With the morning looking like this --

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