Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year!

Taking cue from HK Drama series, haha. 
It is always better to be the bigger person, especially when facing a hapless person, we must find it within ourselves to let it pass. 

Movies with KiCo
Waaa, so expensive tickets $12 (discounted) X 3 = $36

 Colin read Yong Huat as Yogurt Honey, I don't know to laugh or to cry.

Three of us shared one portion, cos we're not really hungry despite it's dinner.

 Conjured this short poem just before I fell asleep after midnight, it's a New Year Poem for my friends. The next day, I sent it to a few people.

 Genki shushi with KiCo and my sis. 
Colin enjoyed the conveyor trains and race cars that served up our dishes. 

2nd January, chill with Brendan.

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