Tuesday, January 9, 2018


In my dreams, I was trying to grab Kiki who was misbehaving and was driving me very mad.
I kept trying to catch her but she kept slipping out of my reach.
I was so frustrated I wanted to wring my hands on her arms and to discipline her.
Ai yo............ so stressful? I must be crazy. Didn't sleep after 4.38

This might just be a manifestation of suppressed frustration taken in the form of venting it out on Kiki in my dreams. So that's not nice. 

However, IRL, I do am frustrated with her when she is in one of her relentless streaks teasing or taunting her younger brother. Sometimes she gets too engrossed in delivering a fact while not giving the consideration that her brother sometimes needs more time to digest, adapt and accept new things instead of crudely pushing the facts in his face. Eg: Sunday was Colin's first swim lesson. He was a little hesitant and was in denial (saying that it was not his swim class day). Kiki was insistent in telling him it was his swim class day, more like yelling him the information. I was very mad at her because in addition for me to clear away the pressure she dumped on him, I am trying to covey and encourage him to attend the session. Kiki has to learn that more important than being right, is to be kind. 

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