Friday, December 8, 2017

Be alert!

Be very careful with your emails, there are lots of phishing scams around.
Even the backdrop is the same as the real Apple's website.
The scammers sent me an email about an App, it says I had made an AppStore purchase for it at $29.90. It says that if I want to dispute the purchase, I could click the link they've given.
If you're using your mobile phone to read the email and access the link, it may look totally legit.
But if they ask for your credit card's cvc or cvv number (the unique number on the back of your card), you must by now smell a rat. If you don't............ then you might fall into their trap.
I've reported the case to the real Apple and they have noted and advised me to change the passwords to both my Apple as well email. 


Meanwhile, found a note from Kiki that read-- Please adopt both. (best friends)
hum...... so bitter-sweet. 

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