Tuesday, December 26, 2017


This is Charmaine, Bren's sister. 

About three months back, she began to lose a lot of flesh (muscles) and she became even more difficult to look at, skin to bones. Bren brought her to the doctor at Polyclinic, the doctor advised that there's nothing wrong with her, as in her vital organs are functioning fine. She eats, poops and sleeps as per usual, so I guess it is part of her body's condition as it ages? (cerebral palsy).

As difficult as it may be, I've suggested for Bren to check out the arrangements for the hospice to take Charmaine in. I feel that we have done all that we could for many, many years, we'll see what else we might be able to do for her now. Since the passing of my FIL, as well as having my MIL moved to the rehabilitation hospice, Charmaine has got more space and is so much less cranky, less screaming, less crying.  

The kids are not frightened by Charmaine's look because they grew up seeing her. 
There are times they sit and "play" with her. Like they play with their toys and pretends that Charmaine is their customer or something. (eg: Cafe setting / Cooking) They ask her questions and pretend-play. They even watch YouTube with her (as if Charmaine understands but she doesn't). Colin, for one, would hug and put his arms around Charmaine, in a friendly & loving manner. This is something even I can't do. Sometimes, I think my kids teach me about openness more than me teaching them. 

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