Monday, December 4, 2017

Saturday 2nd Dec 2017

 Reversible sequins cushion. it's addictive, you'll want to keep flipping them, making designs.

 We went to Synwin (violin store) to get our violin's bridge replaced as her teacher told me that the bridge we have is a tad low, she asked us to have a slightly taller bridge replace the existing one. 
We explained to Synwin but they wouldn't hear of it. They said it is the original bridge and of the right size, they said that even if they were to replace it, it will be of the same size. (trying to throw me off?) So are they dissing the opinion of our teacher? (!) They are not reluctant to change it for us, they are unwilling. So to turned us away, they showed me an unfiled bridge and told me it is the right size for our violin. 

I don't think our teacher would get it wrong, she specifically told me that the bridge has to be slightly taller for our strings to bring out the tones. She felt that the bridge we have is not of the correct size.  She told me in such a matter-of-fact manner, I don't doubt our teacher. I just cannot understand why the violin store won't listen. So I will find a violin repair place that will have someone listen and understand. 

Feel, and I will find (the person).   
Here's me sending the vibes out to reach a 知音人 (same frequency).
Guide me into the right hands.

My new sneakers

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