Monday, December 18, 2017

Saturday, House Cleaning Part 2

The Hawker Center and Market will be closing for a year after CNY in Feb. 
Had breakfast with Bren at the Dim Sum Stall. 
It was a stall we frequent especially when we first moved to Marine Parade. 
The stall holder says they will be taking a year's worth of break as they're unable to find a short-term lease nearby. 

Resumed packing the kids' books and worksheets, still have more to go.......................... perhaps this Saturday I'll be able to finally clear out the chest drawers, and I shall leave the two toiletries till next Sunday.......................... it is tiring!

 Some of their art and crafts

 Random sketch of a Rooster.

 My very thick book.... like a phone directory.
Giving to Miki as she's now doing activities with her boy (going to be 1 yr old)
I'll be passing her ALLLLLLLLL the priceless materials. Flash cards and all.

 Went to Changi Point (near the Expo) to get school shoes for the kids. Managed to get Colin's shoes but not Kiki's.
 Oh ya.... Thanks, Sis, for dinner. (Forgot to thank her right after)

Being an "aged" mommy is really not easy, I have to stretch my old bones to go cycling with her as she was very excited with the new-found skill. Was past eight, we cycled till ten fifteen that night. 
Happy that she's learned to cycle, and now Colin is also getting there. 

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