Monday, March 27, 2017

Sundays with Colin

 we invited the Papa to join us for breakfast since he was headed for work.

 tanjong pagar centre is a new office complex, near the Tg Pagar MRT area.
most of the tenants there are japanese so it's not wrong to presume the developer is japanese.
they've got JTB (tour operator) there, they've got the japan rail restaurant there too.

 business card - Hattendo Cafe

 11am opening hours, no crowd, hurray!

 i chose matcha green tea flavour.
there were custard, fresh cream, sakura, chocolate flavours.

 Colin reminded me that he wants to visit Gardens by the Bay for the Dinosaur display.
i asked him to navigate with the map.

 10 March till 2 April 2017

 bouncy castle

 after bouncy castle, it was time for viking ride

 inflatable boat. it was fun.

it was a very hot day, scorching hot but we had much fun.

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