Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Friday Nights

Old friend called up at the last minute for catch-up. He had 2 hours to kill before he has to meet his client at the airport. So he thought of me since about a month ago he bumped into me at Katong I12 when I was going to watch a movie on a Tuesday. He looked at me with pitiful eyes when he learned that I was going to the movies by myself. I really don't understand what the deal is; I am very happy to do things by myself because most of my activities are unplanned. Anyway, he remembers about catching up so we met for a drink and talked cock etc. For sure I do not like Whiskeys. So spicy. I prefer Brandy and I prefer Cognac most of all.

So anyway. My friend commented that had he known that raising a child is so tough, he would not have chosen to have a child. He says all women were duped by other women's cuddly, lovable babies at baby showers and friends' gatherings hence bought the idea to give birth. 

I said how could he be saying that, and I asked him to relax lah!

All the ferrying to and fro classes for his boy (piano, speech & drama, math, kindergarten, swimming) weighed heavily in the form of physical tiredness. He says he & his wifey doesn't talk much except on stuff about the kid. There is no dating, no romance, no nothing. He says many of his friends have divorced and he asked me not to say it was a trend. He thinks all the 爱情 in the world will eventually become 亲情.

I said I can understand how it happens, the daily grind of life can take away the joy of life. That is why we have to be aware of it. 

I asked him not to over-worry about his child, and not to overload him because honestly, whatever you are interested in, you can develop the aptitude for it. Of course if you were born with certain high aptitudes then lucky you if that is also your interest. But if you have no outstanding aptitude, you can always learn if you are keen.The keyword in life, for me, is --"Earnest".  Be earnest in something, anything. Don't have to worry about how you would fare or appear to others. If you have chronic "Monday Blues", that will be a problem. Actively change your life till you are absolved from Monday Blues. That is the least we must do for ourselves.


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