Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sundays with Colin

Set out in the morning. 

 Thought Colin might like the pancakes from Dutch Baby Cafe. 

 Yay, he loves it. 

 Setting out on foot to visit my Childhood home.

The distance looked shorter now that I'm a grown up. It took no more than 10 mins to walk there from Paragon.

This is where we used to buy our daily loaf of bread. 
The top of the bread usually was burnt. 

Me getting a little anxious as we approach my old house. 
Well, when I was young, I used to think that I was Oliver Twist. 
How else to pacify my hunger pangs when I couldn't sleep?

Ta-da! 106 Cairnhill Road. How are you?

From your upkeep, I'd say you're doing grand ya?

106 Cairnhill Road, I show you my boy-- Colin.

Half the time there, I was hoping it's new owner would come out and invite us in. 
Then I might ask to engage a social project where I bring all my cousins & aunts there for a hospitality visit. After all, it has been what---- 32 years since we left there (1985). Inside me, I think I might like my 3rd Grand Aunt to visit there before she leaves Earth. She was the anchor tenant while my uncles & aunts co-rented the house. I think it would be nice to say a proper good-bye, even though it may appear to be just a house, it is not just a house. My aunts & uncles lived there for 20 years while I lived there for 12. It is not just a house, it is a house with too much stories.

The house next door, is where my Dad used to work.
It was a grocery shop and my Dad used to make grocery delivery to the houses nearby on his trusty, old fashioned China bicycle.

 After that, it was back to normal world--- Toys!

Tomica has a Pikachu Pokemon car and Colin wants one.

See Pikachu race down Suntec

 the usual scenery while heading home.

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