Friday, June 9, 2017

Why are people so mean?

 Kiki built a Pikachu structure in her Block World
Cute right?
 Also a Snorlex that was beaming laser via his eyes...... cool.

She gives me a virtual tour of her virtual farm, there are horses, rabbits, hens. 
She shows me that a player could ride on the horse, galloping view. 
I say that's cool. She explains that players from all over the globe is able to visit each others' worlds and farms as guest visitors. Guest visitors could ride on the horses but they will not be able to build or destroy structures. I say that's cool. She then tells me that despite the limitation, some guests still has mischief up their sleeves. I ask how so? She explains that there was a time, she has five or six horses in her farm. Some guests visited and THEY RODE HER HORSES AWAY! not rode away from the game but rode far, far, far away within her block world but into the wilds. She took three weeks to find all her lost horses and rode them back to her farm. Good Lord. Why are people so mean?

  Plasticine Elephant, plasticine Snake. 

LPS - Littlest Pet Shop (App)
The toys are by Hasbro 

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