Monday, June 12, 2017


So when I got home from the beach, I asked Kiki if she has done her piano (keyboard).
She looked at me and blinked..... (she knows she mustn't lie, hence she doesn't answer to my questioning).

I was fed-up.... she always says "Okay, okay" when I remind her to revise but she always ends up only doing it when the night is old and worn.

That night, I exclaimed--
"You don't "OK, OK" me OK!  I don't take "OK" for an answer, I take "Action" for an answer!"

and then I found my own quote ringing funny to my ears. 

 I don't take "OK" for an answer, I take "Action" for an answer!

This quote is not unique. The idea has been around for some time now.

Pertaining to music practice, if you practise incorrectly (out-of-tune) over and over again, you will be further instilling the inaccuracy. To amend that, you may need to undo the inaccuracy by practising the correct technique many more times over the period where you got it wrong. This is what I've been telling Kiki, but I am not equipped to be teaching her as the pieces are now out-of-my-league. I could help to listen and point out when I hear a note is out of place but I am unable to guide her on the right notes. Hence, the two of us trial and error here and there, little by little we progress.

Practice does not makes perfect.
It is perfect practice that makes perfect, perfect.

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