Monday, June 12, 2017

When your teeth is too perfect

When your teeth is too perfect, it becomes a distraction to your performance. (acting)
Supposed to watch Halle Berry's performance but all I see is her teeth. 

Sometimes, I look at some people who actually looked older after they had their teeth straighten and whitened or capped. This is because in my head, the image of unnaturally picture perfect rows of teeth is associated with older people who has to replace their teeth due to old age tooth loss. In the past, unless you have extremely irregular or broken teeth, your dentist might recommend you to do capping / straightening / and might as well whitening procedures. But these days the teeth whitening trend catches on.

Did she used to act like this?

 not sure what's so wrong with 'before'

I thought short teeth made her look cute.... but to them it was probably showing too much gum.

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