Friday, June 30, 2017

It's Friday!

set off early every day. 6.45am already hit the roads. 

 then crazy shit happens, missed my station again! 
was bust watching "Parenthood" on my mobile with my headphones on. 
good thing i was early, still reached work much in advance. 

 Long time no see this tree- Flames of the Forrest.
super sour, oh man! 
strawberries & passion fruit, what a combination. 

last night, Kiki read some school motto of sorts. it read-- Nurturing each student to his best. 
She asked me what 'Nurturing' means. After i had explained it, she asked me why the sentence used "his" best and not "her". I said it is just a generalization word to collectively refer to students. It would be lengthy to state his/her, hence just use 'his' to represent the human population. She says that is not quite accurate, given that there are generally more females than males in the human population.

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