Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Fairy Is Me =(

First milk tooth dropped
Colin told Maricar that the Tooth Fairy is me. 
He says there was one morning, he was in the toilet and he overheard a conversation. 
I had just woken up and I told Bren: 
"Oh shit, I forgot to put the money under the pillow for the tooth".  
(referring to Kiki's tooth, last month)
So, he knows that was me. LOL. 

Kiki on the other hand, was very disappointed and hurt to learn of this.
She pointed her index finger at me and said: "You liar". 
Her face was a mix of anger and disappointment. 
I felt........... bad that I had misled her. 
But that was to manage her unsettling emotions in loosing the baby teeth. 
I should have told her the truth when she had outgrown the fear. 
So, it is never good to mislead. 
Probably felt like betrayal. 
I will talk to her about this again.

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