Monday, April 9, 2018

School of the Arts, Singapore

Dance, Music (creative / performing arts), Literary Arts, Theatre, Film, Visual Arts.

We went to SOTA's Open House last Saturday. 
Next year, I will plan to spend more time there.  There are many activities for Kids (drawing, rock climbing, etc) and also informative talks for Parents, all of which we didn't have the time to explore as (1) it was a working morning for me, (2) Kiki had her Chinese class (3) we were also rushing off to violin class. Nevertheless, the intention was just to visit the campus and tour its facilities; which we did. The vibes at SOTA was that of a collective respect for individuality, that is a good feeling. It felt a bit like X-Mansion (X-Men's school for gifted youngsters) but that is just me having lived much of the reel-world. Nevertheless, it was a nice feeling although I am also afraid to get my hopes up as I think the admission criteria is also quite hard to fulfill. Again, we shall just (1) do what comes naturally, (2) plus a bit more effort, (3) and then just leave the rest to the Universe to guide us along.  

Inquires, Principle, Open-minded, Communicators, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Risk-takers, Reflective, Balanced, Caring.


SOTA mascot 

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