Monday, October 2, 2017

Whirlwind Weekend

It had been whirlwind weekend but you never could have noticed it. 
It doesn't show on our faces, it may have sat in our soul but we are riding it out. 
We can't hurry it, we won't want to hurry it either. But I hope the day will come when we can talk about it without too much of a heartache.

She took 2 hours to make a "mine craft stop motion movie"
until her shoulders got stiff and ached. 


 Sunday morning, learn Spelling 

 the Dino on the right has a stomachache, while the Dino on the left has his heart broken.

 after weeks of searching for boots that make noise, we have finally found it.
right under our noses-- Mine!

 Let's do it. 

Blessing #3

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