Monday, October 16, 2017

Be brave!

Saturday morning, Colin is at Phonics class.
I took a Mobike, crossed over to the East Coast Park and cycled for 22 mins.
50cents per 30 mins but they were having a promotion so I used the bike for free.

 Mobikes are the least abused bikes. I see the poor Ofo & Obikes were often vandalized (missing seats, or seats slashed and cut opened).

 Selfie while on the bus.
Good right?

 is having to deal with the Chinese Language

However, I'll tell you-- please don't let anyone else's problems be your hindrance. You may come across friends and colleagues telling you all sorts of marital woes, children woes, money woes, stressful education, etc, etc. but you must always be the active person in your own life. Some people listen too much until they don't want to have kids or they don't want to get married. I think that will be a terrible shame. You see, "bad experience" or negative stories tend to have a bigger impact in our consciousness, so it's like bad stuff anchored in our brains. The people who have got endless bad stories may also have feel-good stories but they may not broadcast them as much or as often. So don't unwittingly become the collateral damage of other people's "bad experiences". Be brave! Have faith!

After revision, I still can have time to myself.  

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