Monday, October 9, 2017


Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
who uses mostly filters of them all?

Anybody can look artificially pretty with filters.
I hope you'd recognise that it's not real. It's for entertainment.

Sis went Boxing.
And rode a MoBike back.
Sis' staying at my place now. 

we had a miniature cone at McD. (for sampling)

warming up before the audition. i heard the panel consisted eight judges. (wow, so serious)

not sure if the class will make the mark but we have all given our best although surely no matter how you look at it, there is always room for improvement but we do not want the kids to be beating themselves up in the name of perfection. notwithstanding, we will still work towards fine tuning our pieces, in particular this piece regardless the outcome of the audition. because deep down inside, there is so much feelings when we play it together as a class. like all the tears of frustration & joy rolled into one moment of immersed performance.

 every second Sunday of the month, there is a make-shift waste collection point at one of the void decks. residents bring their waste material for recycling, some also stay back to help with the sorting.
at one point or another, every thing becomes waste. so i guess the lesser we use, the lesser we will waste.
 charitable technology. this Buddhist Group does lots of Relief work at disaster-hit locations.

lone bike,
okay, I'll start using them soon.
went library to collect my book after the recycling stint.

 mid-autumn festival, community made lanterns, decorating the commonplace.

 children's day present. note book.

meanwhile,,,,,, the Granny in hospital for 3 month liao..... 
she's recovering from the surgery and doing well. 
at least, she prefers the hospital to my place because at the hospital, the nurses are happy to attend to her every need.

 you may not be able to tell, but it was pouring.
before the siren came, the kids were still swimming.
i told the Papa about this when we got home. he said - "Good! Cool!"
i said the same thing too.
how often do you get to swim in pouring rain, noisy splashing and thunder roaring.

there are some people who seem to enjoy watching people turn away either in shock or disgust.
they like to walk around naked, with all their pubic hair looking ever so vulgar.
actually, there is only one woman behaving like that. she does that every week.
talks loudly, asking for shampoo, asking after her daughter (whom in contrast, closes the bathroom door and looked ashamed of her exhibitionist mother).

next week onwards, i should use the other end of the bathroom, i will remind myself to stay away.
i am not body-shaming, i am saying, this public pool place is no Onsen nor SPA, nor a private Gym. there are people of all walks of life, different cultures and it is not nice to be so in-your-face to other users. not illegal since it is inside the common bathroom but distasteful. I am so tempted to film her to shame her! (gosh, i am bad).

 why this little girl like that one?
before bed then do home work.....

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