Monday, October 23, 2017

Saturday after class

Our class didn't pass the auditions with Vivaldi's Concerto #5 but we were invited to play duet for Humoresque (Dvorak). I was a little disappointed having failed at the auditions... but we have to do our part for the junior class so I must quickly gather up myself for the kids, it is their time to shine and we should help them shine brighter, no time to feel lousy. It will be the first concert performance for the younger class and they are indeed much better than our class (in terms of the song- Humoresque) versus our class' Concerto #5.

Genki Sushi

Kiki wrote a card for my Mom.

 at Uniqlo (Travel theme)

At Tokyu Hands. AHA facial soap. Nice to use. The sensitive skin on my nose is back......... bad deal, I need to go find fresh Aleo Vera to cure my sensitive nose, been looking ridiculous like Rudolph.

Finally tried a "Moist Foundation". Not been a fan of compact powder but the formulas have improved a lot as compared to 30 years ago. What am I talking, man. Get out of here.

Waa.... so much money for face soap, let me try to put up a request via Airfrov, see if any kind soul can get it at a cheaper price. I have collected my Lush - Sleepy moisturizer, and we really liked it, Lavender preps us for a good slumber and I've found that it works so fine for my fingernails too. 

Easily hooked onto fruity beer. 

I think so.

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