Friday, October 13, 2017

That's what friends are for

Last night, Kiki told me her friend- Emma, ate 8 of the cherry tomatoes she brought.
I exclaimed-- 8?! but you only had 10?
She said Emma asked for 1 but found them very tasty.
Anyway, Kiki didn't mind, I also don't mind lah. It's nice to share your stuff.
Children are children. There was once, Kiki told me one of her friends doesn't like the fruits her dad packed and she asked Kiki to help her consume them.   That's what friends are for! LOL.

Okay. My office, right now, is in Tornado. There is so much infighting due to new projects in the pipeline, there is so much fighting, it is driving me mad. The ugliness of the people is so scary. Gosh.......... may these people have peace in their hearts before they die. 

My boss asked me to counsel a fellow colleague because he says that this colleague "quite respect" me. In my head, I was like-- Wah Lau eh. Please don't ask me fight your battles. 

I mean, I have been very clear that I am fueled by work interest and work duties, and I have been clear that I am apolitical. That kind of "chicken-and-egg" work problems had been around since the dawn of time, if my boss as an MD could not have impact, why is he suggesting I use my capacity to impact change?

If I do that, that would be disrespecting that colleague's work position. Because after all, the limitations of the circumstances is due to no budget ($$$). The problem will be there as long as no leeway is given to buy spares. It goes round and round, Boss wants work done fast but spares are needed and spares are not sitting around waiting to be employed. If that is what it takes, then it takes $$ to be invested, to buy ahead. My boss should be talking to the Management but since it is a dead end with the Management, then my boss must deal with the heat (just like I handle the heat from my customers). He can't be asking me to influence my colleague (which I have requested on a work basis but he has explained to me his limitations).

I also dislike men who ask me to "talk" to their wives. It is like they want me to talk some "senses" to their spouse because of course there had been an argument or disagreement. But hey, please lah, by asking someone else to talk to your wife, you have belittled your wife (and makes me dislike you). IMHO.

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