Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Midweek Wednesday

Blessing #6: Heading in the right direction.
Towards Compassion, Wisdom, and Spirituality.

Got to start revising for the exams.... some topics that were taught earlier in the year became unfamiliar to her. As time is the essence, we dived straight into the back of the workbook and revised from the "Answers" section by covering up the answers prior to working on the sums. Also, for every unit, we would just do questions number 3 & 4, just tackle the tougher ones. Even with this short-cut revision method, it is quite time-consuming, but it's better to do it while we can.

 Book title: Snowflakes 

I met a colleague on the bus, OTW to work. I seldom bump into her because she normally takes the company bus but that day, she happened to be earlier than usual so she took the public bus and that was how I bumped into her as she took the seat next to me. I asked how was her son's PSLE etc etc, all went well she said. (Oh ya, in the weeks leading to PSLE, she took half a day off daily and had her salary cut due to insufficient annual leave. Anyway, everyone deals with PSLE differently, so no judgement being passed. Who knows next time I might follow suit). So I was asking her how to manage the Chinese subject. She suggested to encourage the kid to read one short paragraph a day. She says just by reading one paragraph a day will increase the child's vocab and that will help with both the oral and writing ability. Well, I totally think that makes sense. I only wonder how sustainable. It's like every single day, we have so many "to-do" or "must-do" tasks. Violin, piano, homework, spelling, Ting Xie, and now this Mandarin Reading. Anyway, still it is better to do it bite-size than leaving it till it becomes overwhelming.... We will work it into our lives. 

 Colin's working on his reward (nano blocks)
I absolutely don't have the patience for building structures.
Good thing KiCo are more patient than me in this aspect. 

 This morning OTW to work

 My mom is always giving me "Super foods", latest being the Moringa Seeds. 
They taste like Ginseng but sweeter. However, the aftertaste lingers for longer than desired. 
Wonder if I would finish the packet....... shall try. (sounds so feeble)

Again, from my mom. 
This should be easy to drink. Some honey calamansi concentrates. 

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