Monday, October 16, 2017


We're always happy to go to the library to select a new batch of books.
I am also happy to collect books that I've reserved.
"The Glass Castle" is a memoir by a former journalist-- Jeannette Walls.
A tad too close to the heart but it is a good read. She has what I would call a highly functioning dysfunctional family. The children were home schooled, the wealth of knowledge they possess is rich and admirable. The fine line between child-neglect and good parenting is so thin..... even the children struggle with its effects as grown adults.

 we took the Mobike and cycled 30 mins to the Lagoon to have our dinner.
first time using the Mobike, I find that the bikes are okay except that I tend to over-steer, hence I took a while to get the hang of it. I had leg-cramp on my left calf at 5am and I had to jump from the bed to flatted my toes. Ouch...... probably didn't drink enough water.

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