Monday, April 10, 2017

Sundays with Colin

Ran out of idea where to go that won't require much cash outlay.
Had breakfast at an old fashioned coffeeshop at Siglap, after that I let Colin name where he wants to go. He said let's go to the Airport, so I said ok please tell the cab driver your destination. (cab driver = the Papa).

Goofing around at the scales, I exclaimed - Colin! you're 18 over kilo! Yay!

Colin had the frame of mind to reply- Wait, wait! It's my bag. Mama, hold my bag please.

He then stepped onto the scales again. Hum..... 17.6 kg..... Colin, you'll need to eat more!

(my friend's boy, who is five months younger than Colin, is at 32 kg!)

 He queued for the slides but he barely crossed the minimum height. In the end, he didn't want to proceed. I think he became afraid.

They gave him a membership and asked that we visit monthly for a free sundae (with meals purchased).

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