Monday, April 17, 2017

Our Good Friday Staycation

We went for a stayover at the Sofitel Sentosa.
It was a nice, resort hotel and we've enjoyed the place with highlights from the numerous Peacocks free-roaming.

 short clip of the garden

 our room with one extra bed

 got milk, will travel 

 they can't wait to go swimming 
(note: only a small section of the pool is child friendly... primarily, the pool is 2.5meters deep!)

The pond has got suckers fish for pedicure but it took me a very long time to calm my nerves with these fish. I see everyone enjoying the tickles, having their dead-skin eaten up by the suckers fish but I just couldn't keep still. Finally, I devised a plan to overcome my reflexes. I submerged only my right heel first, keeping it there despite the goose bumps that were coming up. slowly inch by inch I submerged the rest of my right foot, then slowly repeated the same method with the left foot. after about 10 mins of clenching to my shorts, my brain could control my reflexes and I could keep my feet in the water to feed the fish. I squealed just a little bit more but that's all.

 the restaurant next to the swimming pool

parrot flies

They were both hungry but Colin was especially hungry, he whined about it until the sourdough starters bread came. I've told him it was good he got a taste of hunger to know how it's like. There still are hungry but unfed people in this world.

The quality of this French restaurant is good, I've thoroughly enjoyed the smoked duck salad, I'm even thinking of going back there someday.

 my sis & I had the welcome drink

 turndown service with two chocolate brownies. 

 Nano sized blocks from Daiso to keep them occupied.

 we were pleasantly greeted by a Peahen and her chick in the morning when we woke up.

Colin made the "Polar Regions" with his nano-blocks.
It was lovely to know what he learns from school and it's always a fuzzy feeling watching him grow.

We took the golf buggy to the SPA building which houses the Kid's Club and were met by a brilliantly coloured Peacock. Initially, at the first glance, I thought it was a statue (which wouldn't be surprising because the SPA's logo was a Peacock).

 After ogling the peacock for two minutes, it strutted off.

So we continued to wait at the patio; waiting for 10am for the Kid's Club to receive the kids (Oh, two hours free use of Kid's Club for hotel members. Subsequent 10$/hr). While we waited, Colin spotted the Peacock returning to display his magnificent feathers. That Peacock was a real show-off! We watched him spread his tail feathers, he even made an about turn to show us his tush and made the famous Peacock tush dance (shaking his backside, vibrating his fan-out feathers)

They say the dots on the peacock's feathers could hypnotize (animals)

 Kid's Club
 we spent some time at the pool before we left for home 

choo-choo train ride 

Thanks for having us, Sofitel Sentosa, we'll visit you again. 

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