Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Maricar bought for Kiki a "Ditto".

I didn't know what a Ditto was, I just thought it was a digital version of Piccachu.

Turns out, Ditto is a Pokemon that has no form. It will morph itself into whatever Pokemon it wants, except for a small selection of certain Pokemons that it is unable to duplicate itself into, this Ditto fella could turn itself into most Pokemons. The way to distinguish it is from its colon dotted eyes and bracket smile.

I told Kiki that the term "Ditto" means, "Me too". eg: Boyfriend says to Girlfriend-- "I love you", Girlfriend replies: "Ditto". Or when you have to write lines and you want to state "repeat as above", you can use the Ditto sign like this --------- " ------------

So you see, the plushy toys for the Pokemon range has just doubled! For every character that they make, they can make a Ditto out of it. What a marketing ploy!


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