Monday, April 24, 2017

Saturday 22nd April

finally, Teacher asked Kiki to play Concerto No.5, just the 'difficult' parts.
we weren't expecting any compliments hence when Teacher commented that she 'liked' Kiki's bow hand, how relaxed it hung, how naturally soft, and how we must now improve on the dynamics and emotional expressions of every piece but most importantly for us now, is to get each bowing direction correct because we won't want to standout with wrong bowing in an orchestra, she says.
we are really very glad that we had one aspect right. at least we have been encouraged to carry on.
so, we will practice not just harder but smarter.
another beautiful & seemingly impossible to learn song is on the way.
sometimes, the tunes we're learning becomes an earworm in my head. i wake up with the earworm running in my head. i think that's a good thing for my brains. LOL. well, at least I'm enjoying this.

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