Monday, April 10, 2017

Never Run Out Of Data! 享尽不完的 Data

never run out of data ever again
technically you can subscribe the unlimited package but I don't know how much that would cost.
anyway, i didn't know that circles life would severe my M1 line but they did. luckily my contract with M1 had expired. goodbye M1........ from the day you've landed Sunny Singapore, i have been loyal but you serve me no more.

hello newbie circles life. i will give you a shot.

$28 monthly base plan subscription (comes with 4GB & 100 mins talk time)
I took another $20 port-in plan for 20GB
Bonus for port-in 2GM
plus they gave me whatever additional bonus 3GB
I now have 29GB as compared to my M1 6GB 

to infinity and beyond!

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