Monday, March 12, 2018

Saturday Part 2

Went Synwin to rehair our bow. Cost $55+++
Bought a cheaper bow for the time being as our bow has to be at the repair place for about 2 weeks.
Also bought a Metronome Tuner. For counting and tuning. Got to figure out how to use it.

 Kiki watched a YouTube video and she wanted to do the 7-day-Vegan challenge.
In my head, I was thinking it won't be easy..... to find vegan food, even vegetarian food is also not easily available but we start with a Veg Sandwich since we've managed to find one.

 Oh, I was really taken in by these Metallic Balloons. Those Marble Balloons were also nice but I was more fascinated by the metallic ones. I wished I could just spend my money without having to think at all. I WANT TO BUY ANY DAMN THING I FANCY. Because-- Why not.

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