Monday, July 10, 2017


 The school made reading Chinese books more engaging by 
having the children sketch the cover of the book they're reading. 

 The boys were going - Waaa... that's cool!  When they asked to see what she was playing. 
She gave a narrative on some of the games she was playing. 
She built a virtual house that was made of cotton and it caught fire. She was shocked that cotton is fire hazardous, well, that's one way to learn, I guess.  I asked her why she chose cotton as a building material. she says that cotton came in colours while other materials didn't. Haha. 

 I'm getting more accustomed to traveling long distance to work.
Good thing Bren sends Kiki to school (taking the bus there), so that gives me more breathing space and I can travel feeling less stressed out.

Nobody likes to be handled, nobody likes to be told to do this this way or that. or because "it's for your own good". It is especially wrong to manipulate others, regardless whether you are the parent, the boss, the partner, the spouse, or the government. Manipulations are getting fine & subtle, there are special intelligence teams that are advising governments all over the world. data scientists and behavioural science scientists, psychologists.

 There was a sale at Isetan and I bought one flask for Colin (next year P1!) and one for Kiki (the one she was using got stolen by my FIL, it never re-emerged). 30% off, that's as good as it gets.

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