Friday, July 28, 2017

TGIPD - Thank Godness It's Payday!

On way to work this morning

When my friend told me about her troubles, I replied:-
"My Life is not Ideal hence, I deal with it".

 It's PAYDAY but I'm barely breathing..... 
Slayed one-third of my credit bill,  pending everything else and I will be left a pauper the whole of August again.... HANG IN THERE! This is only temporary. Go eat some ice cream.

 Thank Goodness for my Job & Salary 

When my friend feels troubled, I say :- 
Find a woman, whose heart has never been broken. 
Chances are, she's never been married. 
 If only I could make money from my own quotes

 What is this silly filter? LOL. 

It's Friday and you can't celebrate because you still gotta work the following day. 

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